Curiosity and Rabies Killed the Cat

Rabies is a fatal viral infection that is found throughout the world. Cats are the most commonly reported rabid domestic animal in the United States. In 2018, there were 214 cats that tested positive for rabies.

Outdoor cats are at high risk for rabies since transmission is almost always by the bite of an infected animal, most often via skunks, racoons, and bats. Unfortunately, an animal can only be tested for rabies after it has passed away.

They typical length of time to show signs is 2 months, but it can range from 2 weeks to 1 year! Cat to human transmission of rabies is rare, but if exposed, you may need post- exposure vaccines.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners recommend Rabies as one of the core vaccines (along with Upper Respiratory vaccine and Feline Leukemia vaccine). Kittens as early as 12 weeks old can receive a rabies vaccine. Cats are considered protected against rabies, 28 days after the rabies vaccine. Revaccination with a single rabies vaccine is typically required every year. Cats that are overdue for their rabies vaccine, should be revaccinated as soon as possible.

Instead of the usual 1 year duration of a typical feline rabies vaccine, there is now a 3 year rabies vaccine! 3 year vaccines are ideal for cats that are grumpy at the vet or are difficult to travel.

PUREVAX 3 year feline rabies is the first and only 3 year rabies that does not include vaccine adjuvants. Vaccine adjuvants have been implicated as a potential cause of injection-site granulomas and sarcomas (a type of cancer that may occur at the site of injections in cats) and chronic inflammation. Non-adjuvanted vaccines offers the same protection as vaccines with adjuvants and offer a reduced risk of developing injection site complications.

At Petplex Animal Hospital, we believe that vaccinating your cat against rabies is the best medicine and the safest protocol for our feline patients. Our veterinarian staff can make personalized recommendations for your cat based on their lifestyle, environment, and risk factors. We would be happy to discuss all of your vaccine options with you and look forward to seeing you and your feline friend soon!