• Your Pet, Our Passion!

    We provide the best animal care.

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Your Pet, Our Passion!

We provide the best animal care.

Petplex Animal Hospital, the Right Vet for your Pet.

Preventive care is necessary to keep your pet healthy. Petplex Animal Hospital offers Wellness Care, routine Physical Exams, Dentistry and dental x-ray, and Vaccinations to assist you in maintaining your pet in the best health possible. To assist in keeping your pet healthy, happy, and smelling nice we offer Grooming, Boarding, and Microchipping. Please call for more details. Petplex Animal Hospital understands that your pet is a special member of your family that provides companionship, entertainment, and unconditional love to you and your pet relies on you for food, shelter, and to take care of them when something is wrong. Our expert emergency and certified technicians will be there for you when you need them. Help is only a phone call away! Keep our phone number with your other emergency numbers 740-929-3300.

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Our mission is to provide excellent client service and high quality urgent, emergency and critical care for cats, dogs and small mammals. We are open nights, weekends and major holidays.

Petplex Animal Hospital can be available to you 24/7.


carecredit Does your family pet needs a surgery you did not plan for? We find that some pet owners are surprised to learn that diagnosing and treating a seriously ill pet can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Wise pet owners make financial preparations before these situations develop. When your beloved pet gets sick is not the time to have to worry about how you are going to pay for treatment. Apply online for a veterinary expense credit card that you can use for emergencies.